Dyneema sewing thread

Dyneema sewing thread

Tips, tricks and How-To's for making your own outdoor gear. Tents, tarps, hammocks, stoves, packs and anything else you can think of. How to sew dyneema? Im trying to make a bag out of dyneena UHMWP, the dyneema is knitted and is sold on aliexpress and is the only one there if you type "dyneema fabric", so i bought some with intentions to sew it raw like its shipped but i came across a comment on a backpacking forum not the type of bag im making and it said that if you are buying raw dyneema you wont be able to sew it because it needs to be laminated or bonded which is extremely hard to do out of a factory, is this true?

Did i just waste my money? I have never worked with dyneema, it's extremely hard to come by and reportedly tough to sew. It's not the cleanest look, but you should be able to slather enough on both sides to hold it together. I've read some threads on BPL about it. He makes custom packs out of it and figured out how to dye the stuff. It's knitted? Often dyneema is a non-woven laminate. I've had some mesh like knit stuff but its not too hard to sew, could even be done by hand.

The non-woven laminate is like a plastic film and there are special tapes to bond it. I got some from ripstop by the roll but had not tried it, and Bemis tapes work but might as well be a factory for that cause it's darn near the only way to get it. To clarify, dyneema is a fiber.

I typed in "dyneema fabric" on Aliexpress and it gave me 2 hits. Both selections show a pocket knife being stabbed into some yardage. Here's the weird thing: The fabric is knitted. It's kind of strange to make a pack with a knit, though there is really no rule against it.

I would guess that this Dyneema knit has fairly-low mechanical stretch and of course it has no elastic in it.All Thread.

dyneema sewing thread

We are closing out this thread. Easy to split. Comes in 25 colors. Embroidery Stabilizers and Backings Llovet embroidery stabilizers and backings in commercial and retail sizes. We feature cutaway, tearaway, and water soluble backings. Bag Closing Machine Needles Needles for popular portable bag closing machines. Nylon Thread Strong, inexpensive, easy to use. Sew almost anything. Polyester Thread Looks, feels, and sews like nylon. Better sunlight uv and mildew resistance.

Over half-price selections. Free bobbin style template guide. Bank Line Cordage Bank line cordage is a black polypropylene twine that is similar to tennis netting. It is exceptionally strong, sunlight UV resistant, and inexpensive. This makes it a favorite for: netting, knotting, outdoor survival packs, snares, whipping, bushcraft, hand sewing, lashing, and beading.

Available in mini spools and king spools. Others use it for everything from landscaping to macrame. Its tensile strength is about pounds.

Many twist or braid it for extra strength. B thread used for sewing lightweight gear tentsthin leather, outdoor garments, delicate upholstery. AA - Sapphire - Coats - Bonded. B - White - Eddington - Bonded. B - White - Synthetic Thread - Soft. B - Natural - Eddington - Bonded. B - Brown - Eddington - Bonded. B - Mahogany - Eddington - Bonded.

B - Class Green - Eddington - Bonded. B - Emerald - Eddington - Bonded. B - Evergreen - Eddington - Bonded. B - Burnt Orange - Eddington - Bonded. B - Purple - Eddington - Bonded. B - Cherry - Eddington - Bonded. B - Bright Scarlet - Eddington - Bonded. B - Wine - Eddington - Bonded.Mission Statement: To aid our customers in the manufacturing of high-performance textile products and devices. Our job is to provide you with:.

SinceAtlantic Thread has specialized in high performance sewing threads made of fibers that demonstrate flame resistance and high strength. These include:. As the foremost supplier of high performance sewing threads, Atlantic Thread also offers you many years of experience in a variety of industries that we serve. Atlantic Thread has been a major contributor to the development of international standards and specifications:. Atlantic Thread is recognized internationally as a "supplier with solutions" to technical problems related to specialized sewing.

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Vince was active in helping mattress manufacturers prepare for the federal standard on mattress flammability 16 CFR Vince assisted with the development of several ASTM test methods that measure how FR components used to manufacture mattresses will perform when exposed to an open flame and high heat tests.

He has written numerous articles and technical documents intended to help bedding manufacturers to better understand the challenge of open flame and textiles. All About Atlantic Thread. Our job is to provide you with: Best In Class Products Valued Added Information Exceptional Service Levels SinceAtlantic Thread has specialized in high performance sewing threads made of fibers that demonstrate flame resistance and high strength.We use cookies on our website.

dyneema sewing thread

This versatile material has stood the test of wear-and-tear under the most challenging of conditions. This project honors the most cutting-edge brands and state-of-the-art mills — those pushing the envelop of design and vision. Now this revolutionary product is entering the world of apparel. Inchemist Dr Albert Pennings managed to pull some wispy threads from the stirring rods in his beaker.

He found it impossible to pull the strands apart. Excited, he rushed to tell his director at DSM, a Dutch company then focused on coalmining and fertilizers. If I wanted a fiber I would pick up the phone and order some! Stop with this nonsense! The journey would involve multiple co-inventors, dismissive managers, happy accidents, quantum technological leaps, commercial innovations and a few experiments that under current regulations would be considered safety violations.

Without the passionate drive by those who believed in the power of this fiber, it would have never gotten this far. Almost a half-century after getting yelled at by his boss, Dr Albert Pennings is alive, well, and still passionate about polyethylene fibers. It was so open. All these Noble Prize winners were dropping by and sharing their latest findings.

The state company had established itself by transforming coal into fertilizer, and now wanted to explore the booming world of polymer chemistry. There's a great future in plastics.

Think about it. Companies and universities worldwide, often in collaboration, were then focusing on ethylene, which had been discovered by accident a half-century earlier.

Made only of carbon and hydrogen, ethylene is the simplest of molecules — but a very interesting one. For example, plants release it as a gas to speed the ripening of fruits. It was thought that the shorter chains could be applied to make flexible things think: plastic bagswhile the longer, stiffer chains could be applied to transport think: beer crates.

InPennings was just having a regular day fractionating out different polyethylene lengths from a solution so they could be studied for their properties. When he decided to stir the solution to see what happened, he noticed a strange thing: wisps of what he knew to be the longest polyethylene crystals were forming around the stirring rods.

Byhe was able to pull these wisps out in the form of a thread-like material.By subscribing to our mailing list you agree to how we use your information. Please tick to confirm.

Dyneema Technical Information. Home Dyneema Technical Information. However, all the information here is equally applicable to other commercial and industrial applications. Dyneema offers by far the best strength to weight ratio of any material used in rope manufacture and is the material of choice for high performance cores. Marlow offer a range of Dyneema cores to suit application preferences as well as budget. However, with new grades of Dyneema being introduced and different treatments available, the decision as to which core is best can often be confusing.

SK99 has an unmatched strength to weight ratio and has carved a niche for itself as the ultimate performance core material. DM20 DM20 has slightly lower tenacity than SK78, but has one major advantage in that it exhibits virtually zero creep. Used mainly for static load applications such as standing rigging.

SK78 SK78 has become the standard grade used by Marlow and other reputable manufacturers.

dyneema sewing thread

SK75 For many years the strongest Dyneema grade and the standard material that everybody understands. Thanks to new and improved grades, SK75 is being used less and less and is now not offered by Marlow in Leisure Marine. SK75 is still available in our Commercial division.

SK38 A lower grade of Dyneema now often used in economy products. Whilst cheaper, SK38 does not have anywhere near the modulus, strength or low elongation properties of higher grades of Dyneema. However, SK90 only has the same elongation and creep characteristics as SK Another area of confusion can be heat-setting and pre-stretchin g.

Pre-stretching involves the application of heat during the process and is sometimes known as heat-setting, although simply applying heat does not have the same effect. However, when elongation is measured at a given load for example 4,kgwhich is more relevant to specifying rope for on board applications fig. This is because the rope is working at a lower percentage of its breakload. The extension over time graph Fig. Initial loading will result in elastic extension.Notify me when this product is available:.

This tape will also stick to most of our PU coated fabrics, so it can be used to bond those as well. It does not stick to silnylon, silpoly, or any other silicone coated fabric. Sold in 5 yd sections. This is a pressure sensitive tape with no heat or special equipment required to apply it. Simply position between two layers of material and apply firm pressure for a solid bond. Again, plan accordingly. For example, buying a qty of "2" 5 yd sections will result in two separate 5 yd sections.

Use of these trademarks requires approval from DSM. Head over to our samples page to order a custom sample pack. I used the two-sided tape from RbtR and it worked! It worked great! Leslie Blair was very helpful in completing my order. Thanks Leslie! We love the dyneema fabric. Add to Cart. Description Specs Samples Projects. Customer Reviews. Great service, the product is great and easy to work with, thank you. Should have ordered more tapeIn this tutorial, I'll show you how to make a variety of useful zippered gear bags that are incredibly tough, lightweight and waterproof.

This tutorial is intended for someone like me: familiar with rapid prototyping tools like 3d printers and laser cutters, reasonably competent with hand tools, but pretty clueless about sewing and sewing machines beyond emergency repairs and hemming the odd pair of pants. I promise that after less than an hour of trial and error on a sewing machine, you'll be able to create out an endless variety of useful stuff.

Making clothes on a sewing machine is HARD. Banging out awesome gear on a sewing machine is EASY.

Xtreme-tech with Dyneema

If like me you come from working with additive or subtractive rapid prototyping processes, you will discover that fabric has all kinds of mind-bending topological properties, meaning you can fold, scrunch and invert it in ways that allow you to conceal your sewing ineptitude. We use some fancy gear—including an electric hotknife and a heavy-duty industrial sewing machine—but mostly to save time and labor. With a little persistence and creativity, you will be able to reproduce almost all of our steps with even the most basic sewing machines.

If you want to have a bag right this instant, we are also offering some as rewards for supporting our Kickstarter campaign. NOTE this tutorial is a draft! Help us make it better by putting your suggestions in the comments! There's little novelty in basic bag design—once you understand the archetypes, you'll see them everywhere and after you make a couple yourself, you'll be shocked by the prices. After some experimentation, we've identified our three favorite bags.

The flat top-zipper case is useful as a pencil case, for wrangling snarls of USB charge cables and for protecting a passport and plane ticket from sweaty pockets and tropical downpours. The duffel bag is perfect for keeping work clothes dry on your bike commute, as an overnight bag on short trips and as a bug-out bag for doomsday fantasies.

In general, I avoid projects that require lots of sewing skill because I have none. I've found that size and detail are the key variables: a small wallet with lots of little pockets is a nightmare. A giant set of drapes can be a hassle to feed through the machine unless you have an equally gigantic work surface.

Dyneema® Fabrics

Our three favorite bags offer high utility and low fabrication complexity. I find the flat front-zipper case to be the easiest to build, and the duffel bag the most complex. Dyneema is a composite material that is roughly twice as strong as Kevlar at half the weight. I bought a cuben fiber wallet in Hong Kong five years ago and after loads of abuse it still shows hardly any wear. We've only found this material in grey and black.

As far as fabric goes, Dyneema isn't cheap but a home-made bag will cost a fraction of a similar factory-made bag from Your Favorite Outdoor Company. Tyvek is stiff and folds like paper, so helps the duffel bag keep its shape. Tyvek is hard to rip and relatively puncture-resistant, but it will pill up and get tatty over time if it gets a lot of wear. The thin Dyneema lets you see the Tyvek logo, which is useful for hipster cred, and in general makes for a bright bag interior that makes it easier to find stuff.

We've recently started experimenting with replacing the inner Dyneema layer with mustard-yellow Robic XL ripstop nylon. Many vendors sell really coarse webbing that's tough to fold and sew.

The softest webbing we've found is Sailrite's nylon.

TOOLS You NEED To Make Your Own Ultralight Gear

We use the basting tape to attach things together before we sew them, for example the zippers and the Dyneema, and the fabric layers of the duffel bag. Everyone who actually knows how to sew seems to think that basting tape is tool of profligate degenerates.

I like not stabbing myself with pins. Having blunted a whole collection of rotary cutters on Dyneema panels, we looked for alternatives. We did some experiments cutting Dyneema sheets on our laser-cutter, but given the simple designs of these bags and the hassle of fabric flapping around in breeze generated by the laser ventilation, it seemed like overkill. We now prefer to cut the material with an electric hotknife. If you are going to cut Dyneema with a rotary cutter or something like a box-cutter or an Xacto blade, I strongly recommend you get a pair of cut-safe gloves.

We invested in an electric rope-cutter a few years ago for cutting and instantly fusing the ends of paracord, nylon webbing and dyneema line. For such a weird specialized gadget, it gets a surprising amount of use in the studio.

We use a Sailrite LSZ-1 sewing machine.

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